I'm just some person who loves to make stuff. I'm on the wrong side of 30 and a UK northerner (no longer in exile!), but none of that's really important. What's important is that I like to code, write, draw, and sculpt things. I currently live in Durham after way too long outside of the north east.

The site

I'm here because I'm tired, and the internet sucks now. It's not as fun. So this is my little space where I sit and make tea while the storm rages outside. Come on in. Make yourself at home.

There isn't really a theme to this site other than "things I made and things I like" but I don't think there needs to be anything else. Sure I could have a grand, sweeping, artistic vision, but I'd rather have fun. I think fun's underrated. We're obsessed with looking for bad things, to the point where people like to scoff at earnest displays of happiness. Well, I may have become cynical, and it might draw the crowds, but I don't WANT to be cynical! Happiness isn't immature, pleasure isn't weak, love isn't something to avoid. If you want anger and snark, there's a thousand other sites that'll give it to you. But not here.

(I try not to be a bitter old fart, anyway. It's not always easy, but I think it's worth making an effort.)

The design for this site is based on an iteration of my old personal site from ~2003. Purple Courier New is something you never grow out of. The name is because I like purple and I like cats. The pixellated feline you see on some pages is a creature I modded into the 90s pet sim game, Petz, and thought made a nice site mascot.