Like a lot of games I enjoy, Meadow isn't really a game. Its creators call it "a forum in game's clothes." Taking on the form of a woodland animal, you roam around an expansive world, gathering flowers, crystals, and mushrooms, exploring caves, fields, and mountains. There are no puzzles, no enemies, and no ways to die - it's a game to relax in after a hard day. If you enjoy action and killing enemies, it's not the game for you - and that's okay! Everyone has different tastes. But if you've ever just wanted a big world to roam at your own pace, this could be the place for you. (If you do like the look but want game elements, the creators also have a range of games with the same art style, but a focus on survival - the Shelter series.)

Of course there are progressive elements to the game - you start out as a badger cub, and by collecting crystals, unlock new skins and animals to play as. And the best way to do that is socialisation. This is an online world, so you'll frequently run into other players, but instead of a text chat, you communicate via gestures and emotes. The social atmosphere in this world is very friendly as a result - it's difficult to be cruel, and people will almost always greet you with a happy face. I'm personally an iuncredibly shy person, but I love going exploring with other players and seeing what adventures we find ourselves in.

This page is a collection of some of my favourite screenshots of this beautiful game. Click images for fullsize versions.

A lynx stands at the edge of the Meadow world

Exploring the end of the world. The Meadow world is like a floating island in the sky - run too far, and you'll come to the edge. But if you fall, no harm will come to you.

A rabbit and a wolf stand at the top of a mountain A pheasant sleeping on top of the mountain A pheasant sits on top of the mountain A wolf looks down over a grassy area A wolf sits on top of a mountain A goat on top of a mountain at night, watching the moon

Climbing to the top of the mountains takes some effort, but it's worth it for the view.

A pheasant flies over a tropical area A pheasant flies off a mountain

The pheasant is one of my favourite animals - it can fly for short distances! Lots of fun when you jump off high places, although you will eventually crash! There's a bonus content eagle that can fly properly, but I don't have it yet (update summer 2020 - I got it, see below).

An eagle flies over the autumn forest An eagle flies over the autumn forest An eagle near the central tree An eagle flies underneath the world

The eagle is a bonus animal. It's very limited in some ways - it can't pick up items - but it's the only animal with sustained flight. The view is amazing! Not only that but it can fly underneath the world, giving you a view of an underworld normally only glimpsed when falling. I actually find it quite calmning, ominous music and all.

A pheasant explores a white crystal cave A badger explores the autumn cave A goat explores a green cave

One of my favourite parts of the game is the many beautiful cave systems waiting to be explored.

A fox finds the secret autumn island An eagle flies under the secret island

The autumn cave, one of my favourite locations, contains a secret island that can only be reached by falling off the edge (or flying underneath, if you're playing the eagle).

A fox watches the aurora A fox watches the aurora A fox watches the aurora A fox watches the aurora A goat watches the aurora A group of animals watches the aurora

At night, the aurora is visible over the winter biome.

A goat under the night sky A goat finds a falling star A goat transformed into a ghost

Talk to a falling star late at night, and you become a ghost for a short time.

A lynx sleeping among the birch trees A hedgehog overlooking the river A group of animals sit in a circle A goat balances on giant lilies A wolf and lynx in the snow at night

But a lot of the time, sometimes all you want to do is chill, alone or with friends.