Two hundred years ago, in the world of Sena, strange frozen rifts opened across the land, bringing forth new beasts from the familiar to the bizarre. Now, the world is struggling to rebuild itself amongst the both the rifts and the monsters they birthed.

Jen and Dhaymin Dhalsiv, two brothers from the north, have grown up hunting the monsters that roam their home forests. But when a hunt goes wrong, leaving Dhaymin maimed and Jen cursed to be bonded to the very creature he battled, their lives are changed forever. Now they must set off in search of a cure, and on the way they will discover many secrets about their world and family, secrets that could change the course of the Manifestation itself.

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Content note: Whilst I don't provide individual content warnings, please note that whilst not excessively dark, this story is not child-friendly! Consider Manifestations a View At Your Own Risk experience.

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Bits and pieces. None of this is essential to understand the story, it's just some extra fun parts. Think of it as the extras on a DVD or one of those "World of X" guidebooks - read if you want, but you don't have to. If you do delve into these parts, beware of spoilers!