Book One

Manifestations is written in episodic format - each arc is its own storyline that follows on from the last. Interludes are smaller stories that tie in to the arcs.

(You can also read Manifestations on AO3, if you prefer - same content, different platform.)

Prelude: Jen's Choice

7,760 words

Jen and Dhaymin Dhalsiv, the sons of a minor nobleman, have always grown up in the expectation that they will follow their parents in protecting their home from the strange beasts that infest the forests of Rhusav. But when a hunting trip goes wrong, leaving their father dead and both brothers marked in very different ways, they find themselves forced to consider that their lives aren't as predestined as that.

Interlude: The Lodge

1,621 words

Not all monsters are equal, or: Jen is angsty, Dhaymin tries to snap him out of it, and there's a slight case of mistaken identity.

Arc One: Modern Way

11,285 words

When Jen and Dhaymin find themselves low on money and supplies, it's time to do The Thing again - head to an oppressed town, save everyone from the local monster, profit, that sort of thing. What could possibly go wrong? Having said that, quite a lot.

Interlude: Meanwhile

2,022 words

Majiv Dhalsiv is lost and alone in her home's ruins, until a visitor arrives from the past.

Interlude: The Tale of the Fingernail Monster

2,000 words

On being challenged by Dhaymin, Jen tells the tale of the most terrifying of all creatures... the fingernail monster!

Arc Two: Side Jobs

7,848 words

Or: things to do when you're fed up of beast-hunting, or: The One With Vesin.

Arc Three: Into the Ring

8,796 words

Jen Dhalsiv takes a turn at being the idea guy for once. Things don't go well when he stumbles into a quite literally underground monster battling ring - but he has his motivations for being there.

Interlude: Chain Reaction

1,799 words

The problem with heroes is that they always leave a mess, and someone else always has to clean it up. Bala runs into the site of one of the boys' past adventures.

Arc Four: The Waystation

6,368 words

Jen's sick. Dhaymin's having a bad day. But the universe isn't content to let the brothers have any downtime, and they soon discover their choice of resting place brings with it some unexpected company.

Arc Five: Numbers

8,426 words

Jen and Dhaymin need to get to a safe place before winter comes. The city of Kastek seems like just the thing, but there's a whole lot of road between them and it. The good news is they've found someone to transport them. The bad news is something's not quite right about her. We think. Maybe.

Arc Six: Tales From Kastek

15,134 words

Jen and Dhaymin finally get their chance to overwinter somewhere safe. Strange things might be going on behind the boys' backs, but right now, it's time for a bit of relaxation, introspection, and finding out just who they are.

Interlude: Foibles

1,253 words

Dhaymin gets some lessons from Kastek's ruling couple.

Arc Seven: Midwinter

13,576 words

Good things can't last. Bad things must inevitably catch up. Jen's about to learn all about it.

Arc Eight: A Knock on the Door

2,985 words

Majiv Dhalsiv is on her way south, on the trail of her lost sons, when the longest night of the year arrives. She'd rather spend it alone, away from her memories, but a figure from the past is about to catch up with her.

Arc Nine: Inside and Out

10,566 words

With nowhere left to go, Jen Dhalsiv turns himself in, aware of the punishments he might face for his tainted blood. Life as a prisoner in Kastek is unusual to say the least, and better than he imagined, but there are challenges both metaphysical and... well, physical on the horizon for him.

Arc Ten: Lucky Man

10,683 words

Jen's working for a sarcastic healer. Dhaymin's brushing up on his cookery skills. Rosa's investigating the dark little secret at the heart of their latest stopoff. All in all, it's a pretty average day.

Arc Eleven: Enter the Ice

14,771 words

As the group head south, Jen's powers begin to make themselves felt whether he likes it or not. But that's not even the beginning of their troubles. Figures from the past are beginning to turn up, and it becomes clear that their paths have been waiting to converge for a long time. As the night wears on, a confrontation will begin, high in the ruins of an abandoned fortress that plays host to a tear in the world itself.

Interlude: Bubbles

602 words

Jen tries to see the world through Rosa's eyes.