Book Two

Manifestations is written in episodic format - each arc is its own storyline that follows on from the last. Interludes are smaller stories that tie in to the arcs.

(You can also read Manifestations on AO3, if you prefer - same content, different platform.)

Arc Twelve: The Fear

10,316 words

When the team stumble upon an empty village, they meet the beast-hunters responsible, and learn they have a very good reason for their actions. If Jen, Dhaymin and Rosa are to make it out alive, everything must burn.

Arc Thirteen: You Know I Couldn't Last

16,598 words

After plenty of harrowing experiences, the team end up in the city of Sia Loxol, where they take the chance to swap monster hunting for a trip to the theatre. Surely nothing can go wrong... and that new famous play, about two beast hunting brothers, is just a coincidence! Right?

(or: the one with the fandom parody)

Interlude: The Universe Is Too Big For Small Talk

1,693 words

Rosa teaches Jen about the night sky.

Arc Fourteen: Sweet Is The Night

14,299 words

For as long as anyone can remember, the city of Sia Marhu has been cut open by the great frozen rift that slices through its streets. But for the inhabitants, that's just life, and life has to go on... until it doesn't. When a local couple run afoul of memory erasing creatures, they attract not only the attention of the mysterious Upper City, but a beast hunter with a long tale to tell.

Or: The one with the two cute boys and the city of weirdo horrors where everyone just gets on with life. (And the main characters taking a break.)

Interlude: The Falls

1060 words

Numbers meets her family.

Arc Fifteen: City of Light

20,630 words

In Sia Marhu, Jen and Dhaymin are reunited with a figure from their past. But there is no time to reminisce when a disappearance in the city calls for the attention of a team of beast hunters (and promises to pay handsomely). Facing creatures they never imagined, Jen, Dhaymin and Rosa begin to realise that their lives have been built around more than mere coincidence.

Arc Sixteen: Asleep

In Progress...

Something more than coincidence brought Jen, Dhaymin, Rosa and Bala together, but how and why? With Jen's monster missing, the team are stuck in Sia Marhu, but unknown to them, other forces are taking interest. Within the secret gardens of North Cascade, Jen will discover the secrets that led them to the city, but there's a price to pay for such knowledge.