They're sims because I'm too lazy to draw.

Jen Dhalsiv

Jen Dhalsiv

Jen is one of the leads, sharing the spotlight with his brother, Dhaymin. Of the two, Jen is the quiet one, studious, introverted (not shy! You can talk to him!) and usually to be found with a book. That didn't go down well at home, putting it mildly. He tries to be kind and considerate, but he's also a pushover, a remnant from growing up trying to please others, despite Dhaymin's efforts to teach him some assertiveness. Nevertheless, don't give Dhaymin any funny looks when Jen's around. It probably won't end well. Jen is also asexual, and just a bit confused by it. Being away from home is a very new experience for him, and he has a bad tendency to get bewildered by everything and make some very stupid actions, despite being the alleged book-smart one.

Oh, and his blood is tainted with that of a monster that will slowly take over his mind. He's a bit of an angstmuffin over that.

Dhaymin Dhalsiv

Dhaymin Dhalsiv

Jen's older brother by about three years, Dhaymin is the other lead. At first glance he comes off as Jen's complete opposite - he's loud, flirty, self-confident, and seemingly irresponsible. But he's just as dutiful as Jen if not more - he took responsibility for him when they were younger, and is still driven by a need to help others, to the point where he doesn't really have much ambition for himself. It was his idea to leave home after their father's death, and he might be having a sort of belated teen rebellion despite being in his mid-twenties from the sudden freedom. You might call him emotionally immature, but he's quite comfortable in himself and happy with who he is, so you'd never get him to admit it.

As may be obvious he is also blind, having lost his eyes in the same attack that killed his father. He's still adjusting, but is usually more annoyed by other people's attitudes toward him than his own limitations.

Sarn Dhalsiv

Sarn Dhalsiv

Sarn is Jen and Dhaymin's father and is also dead, having been killed in the scene that sets most of the plot going, but since that didn't stop him from having several billion flashback appearances, he gets to go up here.

He grew up somewhat sheltered until a heavy attack on his family in his late teens left him the last Dhalsiv at the time. Since then he became a beast-hunter alongside Majiv and Bala and worked out his issues by, well, killing things, that being the closest therapy substitute available, and training Jen and Dhaymin to do the same. He'd still claim endlessly he was one of the good guys, only trying to protect his own, and could be sweet and loving in the right moments, particularly toward Majiv. Not that he had any reason to worry for her safety...

Majiv Dhalsiv:

Majiv Dhalsiv

Majiv is Jen and Dhaymin's mother and very much not dead, thankyou very much. Stubborn and strong-willed, she takes what she wants out of life. Unlike Sarn, who regretted what he felt he had to be, Majiv is perfectly happy being a beast-hunter and wouldn't wish for anything else. Though not the warmest person in the world, she does have her own code of honour and found Sarn's obsessive, drawn out kills to be pointlessly excessive. She was taught by Bala and for years considered her a close friend and adoptive sister, but that soured when Bala found out just how messed up the Dhalsiv family had become.

Majiv is notable for being one of the only two people to known to have come out of the otherworldly void known as the Cold with her sanity intact. Of these two, she's the only one to have anything approaching a memory of the events, though she likens it to a distant dream and has no idea what actually happened. What, if any, effect this may have on herself or her family remains to be seen.