Mog on the Tyne

Because everyone needs a page about their favourite cat cafe.

Having been catless for the last few years I've been getting my fix at cafe cafes. Now that I'm living in the north-east again, I've been spending time at Mog on the Tyne in Newcastle. Here's some pictures and stories from my visits.

The Cafe

The first thing you notice about Mog from the outside is that it's right next door to a dog cafe. Sounds a bit chaotic but it seems everyone gets on with the neighbours. I have yet to check into Dog and Scone but I may do so later.

Mog on the Tyne exterior

Inside, the cafe is tiny, the smallest cat cafe I've ever visited, but full of lots of climbing spots and hiding places for the cats. Like all cat cafes I've been to, you do need to pay for entry and have a timeslot booked. This confuses a lot of people who are new to cat cafes, but it's to pay for the cat's upkeep and ensure they don't get crowded by too many people. If you want to visit, book first, especially if it's a weekend or school holiday, because it fills up slots fast. Although it's small it feels bright and open, with murals and decorations to brighten the place up. Like all good cat cafes, the cats also have space downstairs where they can get some privacy if they want it.

Mog on the Tyne interior Mog on the Tyne interior A cushion with some of the cafe cats printed on it Mog on the Tyne interior Mog on the Tyne interior Cat bandanas for sale Milk jug Books! Stan cushion

Cats sitting on boxes that contain other cats is a common theme. The staff will often hand out treats if you want to feed them, but watch out for over-enthusiastic teeth.

Rum, Sybil and Jaffa Tyrian and Jaffa Rum (or Sybil?) and Sir Francis Ballet and Wobble Sybil and Tyrian Many cats waiting for dinner! Cats on the cat tree Cats playing with the food maze toy

The Cats


Whenever I go to a cat cafe I notice there's often one cat that is the mascot of the place, and for Mog that's got to be Stan. Before living at the cafe he was hit by a car and lost some teeth, giving him a permanently sticking out tongue. Stan is full of character and loves his food, and he doesn't limit himself to cat food. If you order something, he will make a pass at it - crisps, cake, salad, if you can eat it he'll have a go, so watch your lunch. There is a reason for the sign. He's also known for his selection of bandanas, and he seems to have a new one every day. Oh, and he has his own Instagram.

See some of his bandanas at the Standana Collective.

Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan

Don't feed Stan!

Sir Francis

Not just Francis. Sir Francis. The most dapper cat in the world. You will never have a moustache as fine as his. I haven't been able to interact with him much, as every time I've visited he's been napping on a car tree or in the corner, but he was grateful for the treats I brought him. He seems to enjoy high places where he can survey his domain like the gentleman he is.

Sir Francis Sir Francis Sir Francis


Gizmo is a sweet little tortie who oves the cat wheel and will meow at you to make you pay attention when she uses it. She's also Sir Francis' mother. She likes to spend time watching the entrance to the cafe, seeing what's going on outside and apparently watching out for flies, which she likes catching.

Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo


Battle is one of two cats who were brought over from a sanctuary in Thailand. She has cerebellar hypoplasia which means that her movements are uncoordinated and wobbly. It doesn't hurt her and she is able to get around the cafe perfectly fine, with maybe just a little help to get on the sofa and onto your lap. She is a very sweet little cat but she does as she likes, and I see her spending a lot of time by the kitchen door, probably hoping she can sneak inside one day. She also likes hanging out underneath the cat tree in a spot I've started calling "The Ballet Fort".

Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet Ballet


Wobble is the second Thai cat and like Ballet has cerebellar hypoplasia. He loves his toys and the staff were happy to show me his favorite cat tunnel that he loves to dive into. If he's not hunting small fuzzy things on bits of string, he's being a sweet lap cat who loves to sit beside you on the sofa and relax. The only exception is when it's time to be fed, when he's gotten it into his head that pouncing on the other cats will make the food come faster.

Wobble Wobble Wobble Wobble Wobble Wobble


A giant fluffy beast who causes earthquakes when he jumps to the floor. Gary is about a year old (as of 2018 when I'm writing this) and whilst photos do exist of him as a tiny kitten in his first days of the cafe, it's hard to equate them to the huge pile of fluff that now roams the tables, looking for dropped food. He has been known to take a bite out of cakes, so watch out.

Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary


Sybil is a gorgeous half-Bengal with very striking markings. She came in with her brother Rum, below, and I don't have a lot of pictures of them because it's not always easy to tell them apart unless they're sitting right next to one another. Very fond of boxes - I know that's every cat in the world, but Sybil seems to always be in one, regardless of whether she fits inside.

Sybil Sybil Sybil


The second of the half-Bengals, I've noticed Rum likes his small hiding places. One time I was there, he slipped into a pouch on the cat tree that shouldn't have been big enough for him, but as cats are mainly liquid, he managed just fine.

Rum Rum


So named because she is small, yet mighty. She loves the sink (don't worry, it's just for hand washing, not food prep!). Oh, and she does have eyes, it just so happens they were always closed every time I photographed her (until I got shots when they were open, but she is still a master of the happy closed eye face). Sometimes she likes to jump on your shoulders if you give her enough attention. She loves cream so watch out if you have any cake or hot chocolate with it...

Tyrian Tyrian Tyrian Tyrian Tyrian Tyrian Tyrian


This huge ginger tabby appreciates a good fuss, although he's almost always asleep - if you see him awake and there isn't food out, it's a big deal. Pictures don't convey how big and chunky he is, but he is lovely to cuddle and stroke, very big and very gentle natured. He can often be found asleep on the cat hammock by the ceiling.

Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa


Gladys, like Gary, came to the cafe as a kitten and grew up there. She likes high up places as well as the cat bowls in the window. She has very pretty tabby markings with warm marbling patterns.

Gladys Gladys Gladys Gladys Gladys


Bear is one of two sisters brought in to the cafe in July 2019. She is an energetic classic tabby who rivals Stan in food stealing, so if you have any food keep an eye out for her running around the tables. Otherwise she likes to walk over you and curl up on your lap if you relax, and she has a purr way out of proprtion for her size.


Wednesday is the second of the two sisters. She is more relaxed than Bear, although she won't hesitate to sniff around your sandwiches given a chance. She likes playing with the wrong end of cat toys.