Maine Coon cat from the Petz games

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Great Dane dog from the Petz games

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If you've been away from the Petz community for a while, or you've just found it and are interested in trying it out, you may be wondering how to find the game and get it running on a modern system. There are a few fan-created solutions, and as the game is now considered abandonware and is no longer being sold, you can get it running through these channels.

What version should I get?

Petz 3, 4, and 5 are all similar in gameplay with only minor differences, and the community revolves around them. It is also easier to get them working on modern systems. Petz 1 and 2, in contrast, are more difficult to get running and are missing the breeding mechanic, and are more of interest as historical curiosities. Of the three more recent versions, Petz 3 and 4 is most commonly played as petz from that game can be imported into Petz 3 and 5. Petz 5, by contrast, does not have the same backwards compatability. So if you want to interact with the community, 3 or 4 are your best bets.

Getting the game

You have several options. Things of note:

  • You may need to patch the game using the PetzA mod to prevent glitches on newer systems.
  • Avoid installing in the default Program Files directory, this can cause some folders within the game to become inaccessible.
  • Some sources may tell you that you need to change your screen resolution for the game to run, but I have never needed to do this.
  • Most of these resources are for Windows systems. I don't know much about getting Petz to work on other OS, but I understand that it can be run with Wine.

Following is a list of all channels through which you can find the game:

  • Install as normal: If you already have the game from back when, or can get hold of a secondhand copy, this is obviously an option. Remember to patch with PetzA after installing to avoid glitches.
  • Dogz behaviours for Catz games and Catz behaviours for Dogz games by Carolyn: These are useful if you only have Catz or Dogz and want to play with the other game too.
  • has only Catz 4, but you can patch it with Carolyn's mod to get Dogz as well.
  • How to Download the Petz 4 Game by Petz 'R Us: offers a download of the Petz 4 demo which can be patched with PetzA to get the full game.
  • Game Bundle by Acid Trip: installers for all Petz games, as well as Oddballz and Babyz, with full instructions on how to install and run.
  • Petz 4 download by Yabiko: contains instructions on how to run in Windows and on a Mac. There are some other handy utilities too.

That's everything I know of. If you know any more resources, get in touch.