For generations, a tribe of nichelings have lived on a gentle, pleasant island, with no reason to ever look elsewhere. But when Kois, the child of wanderers from an older, fragmented tribe, finds a strange white cub, she recognises the omen in front of her. It is time to leave and seek out a new life in the snow.

Together with Laana, a seer who reads the future in shells and tides, she leads a small expedition in search of the frozen mountains the tribe know of only in stories. But many dangers lie between them and their new home, and they must stay together and work as a family to survive.

A Niche fan story, taking inspiration from Seri the Pixel Biologist.

Rating: A generally family-friendly story, some darker or violent scenes, so probably not for small children. (Yes, they're cute. They're also wild animals.)

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You can read Snowtouched at AO3, or below:

  1. Beachcombing
  2. Snow in the Nest
  3. A Blessing of Bones
  4. Clams and Bearyenas
  5. The Sign of the Snows
  6. Three Goodbyes
  7. The Tale of Tata's Paw
  8. Any Port...
  9. ...In A Storm
  10. Nikisha's Lessons
  11. Scent of Danger
  12. Anameis
  13. The Tribe of Taimera
  14. Roku and Roku
  15. Memories
  16. The Tale of Doeli and the Sea
  17. The Broken Path
  18. The Trailing Vine
  19. Far From the Sea
  20. The Name of the Snow
  21. Swarming
  22. Patrol
  23. Tanu's Gem
  24. The Tale of Tata and the Bluebird King
  25. Bearyenas in the Grass
  26. The Sign of the Seas
  27. Laana and the Gorge
  28. Into the Clouds
  29. Upon the Mountain
  30. Crayfish and Strangers
  31. Interloper
  32. Stories From Afar
  33. The New Expedition
  34. The Tale of Lala and Yuki
  35. Highs and Lows
  36. Thieves
  37. Abyssal Snow
  38. In From The Rain
  39. The Bargain
  40. Ki-Relare
  41. Digging In the Dark
  42. The Tale of Tata and Eclipse
  43. ???


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