The 6IV Project

I've never been much of a metagame player with Pokemon, mainly because it's always been so hard to breed monsters with good stats. All that changed in the 6th generation with the breeding mechanics making it possible to get perfect stats without cheating or tweaking the RNG. After breeding my first pokemon with six perfect IVs, just to see if I could, I decided to have a go at breeding a 6IV male pokemon for each egg group, for passing down good stats.

I've been prodding at this for a while and so far this is my progress. Yes, I'm sure there are better group chains, but I picked and chose ones I liked best. Sue me.

Update: As of 13/01/16, the project is complete!

2017 update: Yes, I know Gen 7 basically made all this for nothing. But hey, it saves me bottle caps!

Group Pokemon bred with perfect stats
Monster Ampharos, Charizard, Lapras
Water 1 Azumarill, Lapras, Shellos
Bug Dwebble, Paras
Flying Altaria, Archen
Field Ampharos, Arcanine, Eevee, Lucario, Mightyena, Serperior
Fairy Azumarill
Grass Paras, Serperior
Human-Like Lucario
Water 3 Archen
Mineral Dwebble
Amorphous Shellos
Water 2 Gyrados
Dragon Altaria, Charizard, Gyrados

I don't have a guide on how to breed these - I got my first 6IV pokemon by breeding random catches from the friend safari, using the destiny knot and a lot of trial and error. I might do a guide sometime. Maybe.

I do have leftovers for some of these, get in touch to see if I have anything of interest. Again, I might put up an offer page... someday. It's always someday...

Photo of all my 6IV pokemon in their box (Pokemon X)

(Say hi to the predictable breeder's Talonflame!)