Blue Taxrak

Beast Class

Blue Taxrak

The taxraks are a group of related monsters that blend mammalian and reptilian features. A typical taxrak is a lean, quadrupedal creature covered in short, slate blue fur. Taxraks are egg layers, producing clutches of large, soft shelled eggs that are buried to keep them warm and well guarded. All taxraks are predatory.

A feature common to all taxrak species is their unusual ears, the pinnea of which are composed of soft, prehensile tissue. The ears are flexible and able to grasp objects with some dexterity. The purpose of these structures is unknown, although dissection has revealed that they contain multiple small muscles and are rich in nervous tissue.

The blue's innocuous name conceals the most feared of the three taxraks. Unlike their cousins, blue takraks are nocturnal pack hunters. Characteristic of this species are the paired sets of fins running down the animal's back. These are comprised of cartilage and contain spots of bioluminescent skin that glow with an eerie blue light that gives this creature its name. The taxrak can control whether these lights are active or not to communicate with its packmates. A blue taxrak's face is dominated by jaws full of needlelike teeth and huge black eyes that allow for excellent night vision.

Packs of these creatures hunt at night, using their lights to send messages to one another. Blue taxraks are quite intelligent, and capable of using false signals to confuse and disorient their prey into an ambush. Their high pitched howling cries are a dreaded sound in the Rhusavi forest, and a sign that it's best to stay indoors...