Beast Class


There are few creatures more feared within the depths of Kasuorvis' forests than the karvites. These massive predators appear as a combination of wolf, bear, and hyena, armed with huge claws and tough jaws. A male stands about 135cm at the shoulder, whilst females are only slightly smaller. Karvite pelts range from golden to near black, often with stripes over the rump.

A karvite will usually attack with a blow from its forepaws, which can easily break bones and instantly kill smaller prey. Its jaw muscles are well developed and extremely strong, giving the creature an incredible bite force that allows it to eat all parts of its prey, even the bones. Karvites are solitary animals, each commanding a large territory. An individual will keep several dens across its domain, marked with gouged tree trunks and prey remains as a signal and warning to others of its kind that the area is occupied. In harsher climates they sleep through much of the winter, making spring a very dangerous time as hungry, newly emerged karvites seek out food wherever they can find it.

The karvite's fearsome reputation has spread to those unfortunate enough to become bonded to one of these creatures, and even more to those able to overcome its influence, even if only for a short while, and impress their own instead. Perhaps the only thing more threatening than a gigantic, predatory beast is one commanded by an intelligent mind...