Beast Class


This sturdy ambush predator is found in the southern regions of Toxilivital around the Middlesea, which forms the northern edge of its overall range. In folklore of the Manifestation it was born from the union of a wolf and a lion, deep within the cold rifts. Its skull structure is largely canine, but the body and paws are distinctly feline, with a supple form and retractable claws.

Malhaix form small packs, rarely exceeding ten individuals and usually consisting of a breeding pair and their offspring. They hunt together by luring prey toward waiting packmates, who kill with a bite of their sabre fangs to the spinal cord. The fangs are durable and unlike other mammal teeth are capable of regrowth over a few months should they break or fall out. Discarded malhaix fangs can sometimes be found in the lands around the Middlesea, and are prized as collectables and objects of study by the high scholar families of Toxilivital.