Beast Class


Fond of gleaming, shiny objects, these felines spend much of their time searching for objects to add to their hoards. These elaborate nests can contain any mixture of jewelry, coins, glass or metal scraps, or even shiny pebbles, and for both sexes a well stocked hoard is a good means to attract a mate. They are not above theft, and their monkey-like paws allow them to reach into small spaces and even open simple doors latches.

Mau are common in cities, where they can find not only plenty of collectibles but an abundance of small rodent prey, but they are adaptable creatures and many regional variants have been described. These range from fluffy thickset mountain breeds to rangy big eared forms suited for desert climates, but all share the dextrous paws and long, prehensile tails that make the mau an expert climber, hunter, and infiltrator.

In some cultures the mau species has overcome its position as a "monster" to be seen as a bringer of good luck instead, as many valuables have been found inside its nests.