Beast Class


Qii are shy creatures, found on lonely stretches of coastline far from towns and cities. Their feet are built for both running and swimming, with small hooves at the end of each digit, but also webbed toes. Their paddle shaped tails and highly set eyes also point to a partially aquatic life. They feed mostly on fish, caught in the shallows of the sea. Although the qii was once thought to be related to the taxrak family, it is a true mammal and does not lay eggs.

Much of what is known about the qii comes from a single journal left by a woman living on the remote outer shores of the Isle of Tair, off the coast of Toxilivital. Having become bonded to one of the creatures, she kept a log for as long as she could, choosing to observe her charge rather than bend it to her will. She noted that the qii is a mostly solitary species, though it tolerates the company of others of its kind who stray into its territory, and from this discovered that the creature is highly variable in size, suggesting that it grows throughout its life. In addition to being much larger, older qii are clumsy on land and will spend more and more time in the water as they age. Young or old, qii spend much of their time on land resting in secluded coves and rocky shores, where they invariably turn to face the sea, as if looking out for something only they can see or hear.

The diarist kept her log for close to six years, although later entries are more spaced out and start to refer to undefined concepts, places, and times. It becomes clear in the later years that her charge's fascination with the sea transferred to herself, and that she lost interest in the book as she turned her attention to following the creature into the depths. What became of her then is unknown. The diary itself was recovered years later, and is now held safely within the Upper City of Sia Marhu.