Beast Class


This urban feline was long classified as a Phenomenon class creature, associated with shadows due to its flat, pure black appearance and often considered to be an oppositional force to the more conventional looking Mau. Recent studies have reclassified the shademollie as a member of the Beast Class. Its shadowy appearance - even in the brightest light its body appears as a cat shaped hole - is due to its unusual fur and skin, both of which absorb all light that falls on them and makes its body contours invisible. Only the eyes and the inside of the mouth reflect light normally; the back of the creature's retinas is even more reflective than a natural cat's in contrast to its fur, causing the effect of glowing green or yellow eyes in a black void.

Shademollies are solitary amongst their own kind, and will aggressively drive one another away unless coming together to mate. However they will often form commensal or mutualistic bonds with other creatures, from monsters to natural animals, accompanying them on hunts or defending them from attackers. Tests have been carried out by Sia Marhu authorities to determine if the shademollie has the quality of being able to bond with creatures other then humans, but these have all been inconclusive.