Beast Class


This elusive, wolf-sized roach is rarely seen outside the Taiv woodlands. It is shy of humans and their artifacts, rarely approaching even abandoned buildings or items, and will only do so reluctantly and with extreme caution. After coming into contact with anything manmade, they will meticulously groom themselves all over. On the rare occasions a human has become bonded to one of these creatures, they will express a desire to "get away from the dirty places" and vanish soon after, following their companion back into the forest. On occasion Sivatar have been present at sightings of Vialmos, following the even more elusive Myth class being wherever it goes.

Sivatar are often seen in groups and are assumed to be a social species, but little is known about their lives. On extremely rare occasions, young sivatar have been sighted. They are miniature versions of the adults, but missing their distinctive peach and cyan markings, instead being a translucent milky white all over. In almost all sightings they have been seen clinging to an adult's back, only occasionally venturing off on their own, and never straying far from the "herd".