Myth Class


Said to be the guardian and possible creator of the dense forests overtaking the Taiv region, Vialmos' name translates to "South Woods". Those who have encountered it describe it moving on six slender jointed legs, whilst a green light emanates from its abdomen and the orbs balanced upon its curling antlers. Vialmos existence appears to be tied to the Taiv's forests, and it has never been sighted away from its trees.

Most sightings of Vialmos come from explorers hunting for the ruins of Voji, the city swallowed up and lost to the forest during the early days of the Manifestation. It is described as a peaceful creature, and in no existing accounts has it been known to attack the observer or any animal, natural or otherwise. If approached it will merely walk away, its six legged gait described as complex yet elegant. Observers who stay still have reported that it will stand and watch from a distance, its antlers and abdomen slowly and gently pulsating with light. After a brief time, during which the reports describe a sensation of being transfixed and scrutinised that cannot be accurately described, it will leave, blending back in with the forest. Any attempts to track Vialmos following the initial encounter have failed, even by the most skilled of trackers. No person has reported seeing Vialmos more than once, and expeditions that purposefully set out to find it seem to succeed or fail based on the creature's own whims.

Following their encounters, all witnesses then reported being forced out of the forest, whether by natural barriers, trails that always seem to lead to the outside world, or being chased by more aggressive creatures. Some have claimed that Vialmos stands guard over the ruins of Voji, perhaps guarding a vast treature or a hidden cold rift at the heart of the city. Others claim that as a forest guardian it cares only about protecting and expending its home, and a dead city is of no consequence to its goals. Regardless of the truth, no expedition has ever found Voji's remains.

As with all Myth Class creatures, any understanding of Vialmos' biology is speculative at best. It has been observed eating leaves and drinking water, though it is unsure whether it requires any sustenance or it simply enjoys doing so. It has never been seen with another of its kind, and like other Myths it is generally considered to be a unique and extremely powerful being.