Myth Class


Unlike its southern counterpart Vialmos, Xuxo is, theoretically, easy to find. The sole known specimen was discovered frozen into an ice block deep within the Tuvayka Mountains in northwestern Rhusav. It has never been known to move or respond to its surroundings, but its remote location discourages most researchers and all understanding comes from a handful of expeditions, none of which were in a position to stay for long.

Physically, the creature appears as little more than a gigantic salamander. The eye markings upon its body appear to be just that, while the creature's true eyes are perpetually shut. The ice block into which it is frozen is approximately three times the height of a man and resists all attempts to break or melt it. Even attempting to move the block as a whole is fruitless, as though it were rooted into the mountains themselves. The position of the creature within the block is consistent across all sightings, suggesting the ice has never thawed as long as it has been there. Indeed, there is some debate as to whether Xuxo is even alive, though the unbreakable nature of its icy prison seems to indicate it generates the ice as a form of protection.

The only activity observed in Xuxo's presence that could be attributed to the creature is its "voice". Observers standing nearby have reported a low, rumbling sound that fades with distance. These tones appear to be a continuous drone with little variation, and can go on for hours, even days at a time.