Maine Coon cat from the Petz games

Kalium's Petz

Great Dane dog from the Petz games


Here's some of the breedfiles I've hexed. They are free for download and are saved as unibreed files, which means they will work in Petz 3, 4, and 5. Everything I've made (and still have the files for) is available. I don't run a hex archive or make exclusives; everything is for you. You are free to redistribute these files, use them as a base for your own hexies, or look at the code, just be sure to give me credit.

Note on offset numbers for non-overwriting breeds: In the absence of any central database of offset numbers, I generate these randomly for each breed. I cannot guarantee that the offset will not clash with that of any other hexed breeds from other people, however I provide the offsets here to help you check for any problems.

PFM Match


Boxer dog

There's a few boxer dog files out there, and this is my attempt. I wanted to create a breedfile that looked like it could have been one of the original PF Magic breeds. This boxer dog has lots of variations in colour, patches, and tail type, so you'll never be short of variety. Uses brindle texture files from Filthy Hippie.

Does not overwrite any of the base game breeds.

Offset: 4683 (decimal) / 4B12 (hex)



Westie dog

Another PFM match breed. There's no variations in this one, but it's a cute little file. Does not overwrite any of the base game breeds.

Offset: 7113 (decimal) / DD1B (hex)


Wildz / Fantasy


Alots from Hyperbole and a Half

The Alot is better than you at everything, and now you can have it in your petz game. Perfect for if you want alot of alots on your screen. Comes with horn colour, coat colour and tooth variations. Does not overwrite any of the base game breeds.

Offset: 8341 (decimal) / 9520 (hex)



Bearyena from Niche

The bearyena is a predatory species from the game Niche. It is an enemy to your creatures, but if you can tame one as a baby, it can be a powerful ally for your tribe. Features "bear" sounds from Carolyn's Creations. Does not overwrite any of the base game's breeds.

Offset: 0939 (decimal) / AB03 (hex)



Houndour/Houndoom from Pokemon

Houndour breedfile evolves into Houndoom

An evolving breedfile! This breed will come out of the AC as a Houndour, and slowly evolve into Houndoom as it ages. Two variation sets - females have smaller horns, and there is a 1/20 chance of getting a shiny. Does not overwrite any of the base game's breeds.

Offset: 8402 (decimal) / D220 (hex)


Spotted Hyena

Spotted hyena

Comes with variations for size (females are bigger) and colour. The mane grows in as the pet ages. (Note: the tail is mostly addballs but should inherit correctly and avoid the double tail bug.) Does not overwrite any of the base game's breeds.

Offset: 9574 (decimal) / 6625 (hex)



2017 New Year's Dog

2017 Dog 2017 Dog with banner

Made for a "New Years" contest on the RKC Petz Forum. This dog looks just like a recoloured, night sky themed dalmatian at first, but when midnight comes...

This makes use of addgroups so that the year and confetti will pop up when the dog gets excited! The easiest way to do this is to put them in the basket toy; every time I've tested it they pop right up immediately. This breedfile was inspired in part by Carolyn's Emoticon Petz Overwrites the existing Dalmatian breedfile.




A quickie breed for Halloween 2018, inspired by playing about with the Eyes function. Mad science has done its work on this cat, but it would appreciate a good home as much as any. We're sure you'll get used to any... anomalies. Comes with orange or green points. Overwrites the existing Siamese breedfile