Maine Coon cat from the Petz games

Kalium's Petz

Great Dane dog from the Petz games

Weird Animations

I don't know how much use these will be to anyone, but I'm keeping them as a reference. These are a list of odd petz animations. Most don't appear to ever be called in the game but are still hidden away inside the data.

They can be viewed in Pet Workshop. Ensure Rendering>Animate is checked. Then select Rendering>Animation>Custom. The last three options in that menu should now be available to select. Go to Rendering>Animate>Pick Number and enter the animation number in the box.

The numbers also correspond with the .bdt files inside the game's rez.dll files, as these are the individual animation files. For more info on animation files, check out this Petz animation guide by Nick Sherlock (the guy behind PetzA, LNZ Pro, and Pet Workshop).


  • 412: ear wiggle/flap. Might be layered onto other animations to give extra movement? Depending on the breed can make it look like they're trying to fly.
  • 407: dog squooshes down into a little ball. I think this one might be used when the dog goes inside the basket, so it doens't clip outside?
  • 174: the "shelf-humping" animation from Dogz II, not used in later game versions (think of the children!)
  • 119: another ball-squoosh animation with the tail poking up - probably another basket pose.
  • 118: dog dives and turns into a ball - same?


That's it for Dogz, but Catz are another story. Because Oddballz, which came between Petz 1 and 2, was based off the Catz engine, and Petz II was a later refinement of Oddballz, the cat rez file contains a lot of animations that originated there, including some really weird stuff! If you play Oddballz, you will recognise some of these.

  • 459: a swooping motion, like flying or swimming.
  • 446: extreme stretch/squash, cat stands up then suddenly splays over the ground.
  • 445: very similar to 446.
  • 444: cat slowly "melts" over the floor. Looks like one of the animations oddballz do when you zap them.
  • 435: nose extends and wiggles, like Pinnochio. I think this is Honker's nose animation?
  • 428: Exorcist-y head spin.
  • 427: same but sped up.
  • 423: flying, cat flaps its arms like wings. This seems to be one of the animations demonstrated in Butterfly Chaser's modded bunny.
  • 422: same, but the cat slowly rises as if taking off.
  • 413: cat springs upwards and down as if jumping off a diving board.
  • 411: cat gets on its hind legs and dances, visible in oddballz if you play music for them. Also visible in Butterfly Chaser's bunny.
  • 409: explosion! looks like a more energetic version of 444.
  • 356: another humping animation, unsure if related to the Dogz II hump.
  • 63: ear wiggle, rather like 412 in the dog animations.