Maine Coon cat from the Petz games

Kalium's Petz

Great Dane dog from the Petz games


Hexing is the process of modding the Petz game to create new breeds, or other items such as clothing or toys. The name is derived from the hex editors that were originally used to modify the game files. Although these days we have much better tools to work with, the name stuck.

The two main hexing tools in use nowadays are:

Hexing tutorials

If you're interested in learning to hex, I suggest that you take the time to learn how the LNZ files (the files inside a breedfile that dictate what the pet looks like) work. The numbers might look intimidating at first, but you will gain a better understanding of what you're doing and be able to pull off some interesting tricks. I personally hex using LNZ Pro for most of my work, though I do like Petz Workshop for visualisation of fiddly bits and placing paintballz.

The best resource for learning LNZ files is Carolyn's LNZ Breakdown, which details all the parts of the LNZ file and what they do. It's an invaluable resource and you can also find it in the LNZ Pro helpfiles so you'll always have it on you.

Below are some tutorials I've written (or plan to write):

The Research Zone

Assorted notes and discoveries from delving into the unknown depths of the game's workings. Not tutorials, but may be of interest to some.